About us

About us

The Yen Han Dance Center has two branches, where we teach at a very high standard, one in Zürich-Witikon, the other in Küsnacht.

Our staff have excellent qualifications, can look back on a professional career in leading ballet companies or are still active in the world of dance. Each of our teachers meets international and professional ballet training standards.

We offer ballet classes for children, adolescents and adults on all levels, from beginners to professional. Our school follows the Vaganova Syllabus. Whether you see dancing as a hobby or as professional work, our teachers can help and guide you through all stages of your development.

The Yen Han Dance Center is a branch of the independent ballet company Yen Han Ballet Productions. This affiliation opens up unique possibilities for students of our ballet school: by taking part in the ballet company’s activities in form of workshops or practical training they experience the world of professional ballet in a singular, first-hand fashion.

The Yen Han Dance Center is registered with Dance Suisse and official part of its K+S program, the arts and sports department of Zürich’s Rämibühl High School. Students of this class undergo daily, intensive training and competent preparation for K+S exams at one of our schools. Moreover, they have unlimited access to all of our Open Classes and Body Conditioning, they have free access to our fitness studio in Küsnacht and may attend the rehearsals of Yen Han Ballet Productions.

Besides ballet classes, the Yen Han Dance Center offers a variety of fitness courses, such as Pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Body Conditioning.