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Our classes are for boys, girls and grown-ups. We offer programmes for beginners, professionals and amateurs. Our excellent teachers follow the Vaganova syllabus and maintain highest professional standards.


About us

The name of artistic director Yen Han stands for professionality and high technical standards, artistic expessivity but also great passion and joy in dance and movement.



Yen Han Dance Center stands for quality teaching. All our teachers are highly trained and have professional backgrounds dancing and working with major ballet companies from all around the world.


Yen Han and her team successfully demand utter professionalism and exacting standards in the dance studio, while at the same time celebrating the element of fun and enjoyment. It is a rare, wonderful combination. Our daughter emerges from every class feeling challenged and exhausted and with a huge smile on her face.

Nina von der Schulenburg Parent

This school has a team of great teachers. The classes are fun and cater for dancers at all levels. The open curriculum allows the lessons to be creative and multifaceted.

Fong Choo Ammann Stampfli Parent

I have known Yen for many years, I know how much she is devoted to dance and this is why the school has discipline, the potential of correct education and attracts talented children. And those are the reasons why I like working at this school.

Arman Grigoryan Teacher

The Yen Han Dance Center impresses with its wide range of courses, its extremely positive atmosphere and its highly devoted, motivated management, teaching staff and students. For me, it is a great pleasure and honour to be part of this unique school.

Sahira Ehrsam Teacher

It is a great pleasure to teach at the Yen Han Dancer Center! It is always nice to see our students improve and to help them develop into talented and eventually professional dancers. I also find the contact with parents and their feedback rewarding.

Dmitry Govoroukhine Teacher, Administrative Assistant

After a long life as a dancer and teacher in many different places I have become a delighted staff member of the Yen Han Dance Center. Yen is an exceptional person, a great and wonderful ballerina. Her love, warmth and understanding create a pleasant working environment and make us most content. Thanks to her international reputation we were able to attract famous dancers from all over the world as guest teachers – a unique chance for students.

Minka Kamberovic teacher

The Yen Han Dance Center is my first choice for sending my child because it has the best ballet teachers. They provide highest professional training on an individually appropriate level. Students are challenged but not overloaded and therefore motivated. The school offers excellent guidance for students and parents in respect to the profession, their particular personality and emotions. Its environment is friendly and full of fun.

Ryo Hoshi Parent

Ballet in its most beautiful and purest form. I appreciate every single teacher's unique style and expressivity. At the same time, all trainers teach you the most excellent technique and make you dance with great joy. For me the best ballet school ever!

Xenia Souvatis Adult dancer

I very much appreciate the teachers at the Yen Han Dance Center because of their capacity to correct frequently and in a very helpful way and because of their patience with us students. In addition, the possibility of joining classes of current and former principal dancers of leading ballet companies and being able to learn from them gives an extra motivation for joining this school. Besides, the learning atmosphere is most enjoyable and laughter during class is frequent.

Marc Bider Adult dancer

News & Events

Yen Han Dance Center October Workshop

When: Oktober 5-9 and Oktober 12-16
Register: E-Mail or 076 421 2818

Group I
Witikon and Küsnacht School: 7-9 years/ 10.00-12.30
Ballet, and Character Dance
CHF 250 per week

Group II
Küsnacht School: 10-15 years/ 13.00-17.00
Ballet, Classic Repertoire, Character Dance and Modern Dance
CHF 350 per week

Ballet : Yen Han, Natalia Snezina
Character Dance: Natalia Snezina
Modern Dance: Alice White

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Professional program

The Yen Han Dance Center is proud to offer a full professional program to its students. 

The school provides all of its students with a strong ballet foundation from a young age. All classes are designed to build upon each other and students progress through the levels while consistently building their proficiency in ballet. Students who possess the aptitude and the interest can then audition to join the professional program which offers unique possibilities to further their training. 

The high-quality professional training program encompasses all aspects required to build an impressive skillset as a dancer. On the one hand, the school is affiliated with the Kunst und Sport (K+S) Gymnasium of the Canton of Zurich. In addition, the Yen Han Dance Center also welcomes students intending to embark on a professional dance career - but who are not part of the K+S program - to audition to join its professional classes. 

Furthermore, by virtue of being associated with the Yen Han Ballet Company, a company with far-reaching national and international perspectives, numerous opportunities are available to students that would otherwise not be found in a ballet school. An annual performance schedule will allow the students to hone their skills on stage. Performances will include pieces choreographed especially for our students as well as further pieces from a general repertoire. 

After having completed the Yen Han Dance Center professional program, students will have been trained in all areas of classical dance and be prepared to audition for and be accepted into dance companies around the world. Students possessing the necessary technique, skills and aptitude may audition for the Yen Han Ballet Company. Being accepted into this prestigious ballet company will allow them to move seamlessly from their training into beginning their professional careers.

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Break your boundaries with ballet

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